Scentsy Workstation

Scentsy Workstation is designed to help you to track your online sales, your group sales, and commission payout. Workstation is your one-stop shop for accessing all services including news, email letters, and downloadable resources.

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Accordingly, you will find the tools to manage the business, place orders, purchase business supplies, and more. To access Workstation Scentsy, you need to sign up to be a consultant and are looking for a back office or the place to enter your Scentsy orders. Relevantly, you will receive an email with instructions. When you sign up to Sell Scentsy, you will have access to Scentsy Workstation Login.

Login Instructions for Scentsy Workstation

Before accessing Workstation Scentsy, you will have your consultant id and password. If you're registered or signed up for Workstation already, you can follow below guidelines for logging into an existing account. Scentsy Consultant Login steps included as follows:
  • Go to official website address
    To get access to Workstation Scentsy, you need to type in website address after launching the web browser either using a desktop or mobile device. 
  • Enter login entails
    Once you're getting into the home page of scentsy workstation, you need to provide login credentials information including consultant id and password that you chose when you've signed up an account. If you're unable to remember your password, you can check with your Scentsy sponsor or call Scentsy support. 
  • Click on login button
    Once you make sure that the provided details are correct, you can go to login option which allows to access the updated information including news, email letters, and other resources. 

Scentsy Training

Scentsy has created an online training program for new consultants or consultants that need to learn more about franchisers, parties, or just about anything related to Scentsy. These training sessions will be conducted by Scentsy employees most of the time and once in a while, you can able to learn more things through sessions taken by successful businessman or women how they can gain profitable from Scentsy business. As it is an online solution, you can easily get access to these training sessions at your fingertips.

Scentsy Pay Portal

You can find a great tool named as Scentsy Pay Portal under Workstation. It is a new added feature which helps you to view your earned commissions and be able to have your commissions loaded on Scentsy Pay Card or transferred to your registered bank account with a click of a single button. 


Scentsy has designed some reporting tools which assists to determine your team or groups achievements or ranks. 


Through Scentsy Workstation web portal, you can see your order history. You can have the ability to import the customer information or add them one by one. 

News Letters

Scentsy has revamped the newsletter or editing the newsletter by including a more personal message or list out the personal specials. It is a nice tool to share your news to favourite customers. 


As a consultant for Scentsy Workstation, you can register for upcoming events that you'd like to attend. This registration process is available in Workstation which is more convenient for you to access the benefits like place orders, buy business supplies, etc.